Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hello there! I wrote this this morning:

Good morning!

Wonderful smells are wafting from my dehydrator!!!

Time to flip the burgers!!!

Actually, instead of flipping them with another dehydrator-tray like i do for living bread, I flipped these burgers with a spatula as they were kind of delicate, and I left them on the teflex with their 'raw' side facing up, to dehydrate a few hours longer. They've been drying since about 6pm last night and it's 8:30am now. I'll let them dry until 9:30am and then take them out.

These burgers will have taken roughly 15 hours. I'll fix my recipe from yesterday! 20-24 hours for THESE burgers [that have no fat/oil and much more veggies than seeds, and the seeds are soaked] would be too long. The heartier (fattier) and thicker the burger mix, the longer they will need to dry. These were not that thick.

Another note: leaving the burgers to dry on their 2nd side on the teflex, I think, is a good solution for burgers, too. That way they don't get dried out too quickly. You want them to be moist (but to have a 'crust' of sorts on the outside.) (With raw bread, you WANT it to dry out as much as possible, so you want to take the teflex off to dry the 2nd side.)

Mmmm, I tasted a burger 1/2 done! Yummy! Kind of paprika-ey, but i like them!! I'll lessen the amount of paprika on my recipe. For no added oil and salt, they are delish!

Oh! You know the sunflower seed 'dressing' i'd made and gave you the recipe for which I said was NOT so delish? Well, it turned out really spectacular little thin snack crackers, with a very pleasing taste! I flipped those by just peeling them up from the teflex and left them on the teflex too, otherwise, they are so thin, they were flying around! They need another day yet to dry. Mmmm....I can taste the cilantro and onion! These are GOOD! They kind of look and feel like fruit leather now, pliable, but are krispy on the edges. Soon, they will be krispy through and through!

I guess the rule of thumb with dehydrating is:

"Dehydrating is like a box 'o chocolates. Ya never know what you're gonna git!"

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I'm off to work at Arnold's Way Raw Vegetarian Cafe' and Education Center today where i am a raw chef. We have a big event this weekend to get ready for which is taking place at Waterloo Gardens in Exton, PA.

The 2nd Annual Living Dynamically Wellness Expo - March 31st and April 1st from 10am-4pm. Arnold's Way will be there selling green smoothies and our famous 'cheezes' and 'toona' and living breads. There will over 50 raw vegan and health related vendors this year!
For more info:

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Our wonderful volunteer, Sunny, helped out at Arnold's Way today as I made Toona, yummy Cashew Sesame Hummus and 'Cheddar Cheeze' for the Expo this weekend! Tomorrow I'll make Chili Cheddar Cheeze!

Hope to see you there!

xoxo michelle joy

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