Sunday, May 29, 2011



Happy Memorial Day! I'm feeling like a grateful sober alcoholic on my 4th day back on raw!

We felt like a road trip to the Pocono Mountains!

These are my tips for staying RAW ON THE ROAD:

1.) TRUST GOD THAT YOU WILL FIND WHAT YOU NEED ON THE ROAD! If you're really in the zone, you will!

2.) However, my recommendation is to NEVER, EVER, EVER LEAVE HOME UNPREPARED TO STAY RAW ON THE ROAD! These are the following items I took along with us on our road trip
(p.s. those are models in the pic! I didn't lose 200 lbs yet...and Cliff is NOT bald!!!):

-raw salad dressing stuff - you can ALWAYS make an AWESOME dressing anywhere you go from the following ingredients:
+ a bottle of raw vinegar
+ some infused olive oil (i made garlic, thyme, rosemary)
+ a bottle of raw agave
+ a bag of free flowing celtic salt
+ a bottle of nutritional yeast flakes
+ fresh garlic (or a bottle of garlic powder)

- kitchen essentials:
+ 2 forks
+ paper plates
+ roll of paper towels
+ sharp pocket knife
+ bottled water

- salad stuff, and whatever produce you have at home:
+ a bag of scrumptious summer cherries
+ lettuce, tomatoes: enough for 2-3 salads
+ a box of fresh mushrooms

- raw sweet snacks:
+ A container of Superfood Bliss Balls i had made at work, AMAZING!, in 3 flavors Choco-Maca, Goji, Spirulina (Date/coconut/cashew balls with superfoods added in and lots of layers of flavor like hidden ginger, cinnamon, orange rind, vanilla, lemon, awesome!)
+ A container of pistachio walnut date cinnamon filling i'd made for some stuffed dates. A great snack as is!
+ Dehydrated chocolate almond cookies

- raw nuts for salads
+ A bag of sunflower seeds, raw, unsalted
+ A bag of dehydrator-dried toona pate'! Indispensible on the road! Put some in a cup, add water, stir around, and in 5 minutes, you have an amazing toona salad saladtopper! This made the BEST salad back at the hotel! (The dried pate' just so happened to be a pate' i couldn't eat all up in time before it went i dried it at 105degrees in my Excalibur and bagged it up for a day like this!)

3. FIND A GREAT FARMERS MARKET ON THE ROAD! We found Ochs' Farm Market on East County Road Drums, PA 18222 570-788-3163

We bought:

- a bag of fresh spinach

- 2 bunches of RIPE bananas!

- grapefruit and oranges for snacking

- a bag of crisp apples

- an avocado

- celery and carrots

* optional: jarred pickled yummies for the husband's salad:
pickled eggs, beets and 3 bean salad

- 2 jalapenos - not optional! i will NEVER EVER leave home without these again! They added astounding flavor to my salad!!!


They have:

- refrigerators in the room (when booking ask for one)

- 3 prong plugs for Vitamixes should you decide to bring yours

- FREE Breakfast in the morning including FRESH FRUIT

- FRESH FRUIT available all day, along with herbal tea!

- FREE INTERNET...hello!

5.) BRING YOUR SWIMSUIT AND SWIM WITH YOUR HONEY AT THE HOTEL POOL! Forget embarrasment about cellulite and stretch marks! Get out there with your hot babe and enjoy exuberant weightlessness in the cool water (weightlessness is the most transforming state of being for a fat person!), hot sun and cool breezes, splashing romance and falling in love all over again! The best fun!

6.) Don't forget to bring your POSITIVE ATTITUDE along with you! You are BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, ABLE.
You CAN do it!

xoxo michelle joy

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