Monday, May 16, 2011


Hiya Folks,

I'm excited to report i'm on day 13 of raw. Life is beautiful. I feel like a sober alcoholic. THIS is my medicine and I just need to do this for me. Binge eating is gone. I eat when i'm hungry. I soak my sunflower seeds to reduce fat 40%. I've lost about 30 lbs. I eat fat, but i guess calorically i'm taking in less calories to be losing. I drink smoothie for breakfast and often smoothie for lunch. My dinner lately has been a big salad with germinated sunflower/sesame seed "dressing" poured over. So delish. Like a big Ceasar Salad. The last few nights i was hungry and had a few stuffed dates. I wake up earlier and earlier. I wanna move. I wanna do. I cry sometimes. Often. But mostly i'm so happy, so freaking grateful to have the food obsession removed again and to be losing and looking pretty in the face again. I sang at a church event last night and brought raw desserts (stuffed dates and coconut balls) and gave a little demo. I'm Michelle, the Raw Foodist again, and i'm so happy to be back. The 2 years i spent "out there" in cooked land became more painful than pleasurable because i couldn't stop. I've made peace today, and even picked the cooked corn out of the big salad i ordered at the Mexican restaurant, just because. Not because i think it would kill me, just because i don't want to cross over the line today. Happy to have a line again, and happy to abide by it.

xoxo michelle joy

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