Thursday, January 10, 2013


Greetings, kind folk, how are you?

I hope you are all well!

I had a really great day at work today at Arnold's Way, where I am a raw chef :-))

I'd been out from work the last 2 weeks sick, so it was really nice to be back, and everyone was very happy to see me, which felt really nice.  And I made lots of yummy raw meals today and really enjoyed serving so many friends and customers.

I had a good energy level today!...which was a very pleasant surprise!  I didn't think I was doing so well with my diet, still overeating, but the changes I have made - (apparently) - have been doing me good!  No more boxed processed veggie burgers, no more white bread, white rice, no more sugary drinks, no more cheese, no more cookies.  And just doing that - the change in my energy level is tremendous, wow!

Yes, I have gained weight over this last month falling off of my Better Living Lifestyle plan.  But my face looked better to me today.  My cheeks were rosy, my skin seemed more vibrant and glowy, and I didn't have that ugly-puffy look I get.  Wow!

Oh!  One really wonderfully excellent thing that happened to me today was that my singing voice was so good today!  The enzymes and pre-biotics and pro-biotics of the Coconut Kefir (and the nonfat Greek dairy yogurt I had with fruit and agave) (my last holding on to dairy), and the changes I have made in my diet to more digestible food, have had tremendous benefit on my reflux laryngitis.  I just couldn't stop singing today!!  When my diet is very poor, this affects my digestion, (which affects my throat, because the acids reflux up into the larynx, and my larynx becomes swollen and irritated).  And then phonating becomes seriously challenged.  But today I was singing so easily!  Better diet - better energy - better singing.  Yippee!  One customer commented, 'Wow, what a beautiful voice you have!'  That felt GREAT because I am often 'unable' to sing due to reflux, so being allowed to be authentically ME and to be blessed to emote and flow so freely....  Man, I always say it, when i can sing well, it feels like what it must feel like for an ice skater to do a triple jump.  What FREEDOM, what JOY!  I was singing like a little freed bird today who flew out of a cage!

So I made a funny video with Arnold and Matt Warner today with me singing (in the background) about Buckwheat, of all things, and them mouthing the words.  So funny.  I'll be sure to post it here when Arnold posts it on his youtube page.

Buckwheat, I tell ya, is the "new green smoothie" at Arnold's Way!  Matt Warnter, a fruitarian, and revolutionary educator, the long bearded barefoot "live foodist," is presently staying with Arnold.  And Matt is way, let me say, way, waaaay....into Buckwheat.  Matt's adoration of Buckwheat is seriously influencing Arnold.  I mean we are going NUTS over Buckwheat today!  Singing about it, laughing about it, dreaming up ways to use it.  It's popular as a raw breakfast cereal.  We're planning on making buckwheat pancakes.  We joked about making buckwheat smoothies.  I think you can make Buckwheat milk!

Buckwheat is not from the wheat family, but is a seed from a flowering plant, and is chock full of protein, low in fat, and so healthy, one could live off of it, with not much else.  Wow!  A few green smoothies and a salad with a buckwheat pate' and Arnold said that could do it for someone for the day.  Arnold ate some Buckwheat pate' today and was full ALL day!  And usually he snacks the entire day!!!  Arnold is calling Buckwheat the new wonder food.  He says that it will help ME not want to eat so much because it is so incredibly satiating.  Arnold said, "Michelle.....Buckwheat is your new BEST FRIEND!"

wikipedia on buckwheat -
buckwheat groats
Organic Hulled Buckwheat Groats
Today Arnold made a 'toona' pate' from sprouted buckwheat, and it was good!  He soaked and sprouted the buckwheat, then ground the moist kernals in the Food Processor with celery and carrot and avocado, and added some nori and Herbamare for saltiness.  It looked and tasted like a tuna salad and I put a plop on top of some zucchini spaghetti with raw tomato sauce.  It was quite yummy.

OMG, Here's a crazy video from Arnold and Matt Warner on Buckwheat, not the one I'm singing in, but this is pretty wild.  Arnold is wearing a pocketbook on his head and is in rare form, wearing a kids collapsable Plastic woven BALL as a poncho and a hand puppet on one hand and a plastic kitchen glove on the other (!!!).  Arnold dude, you are OUT THERE, and I LOVE YA!!  Enjoy!!

I did super good with food today!  This morning I had green smoothie for breakfast, a few more smoothies during the day at work, the zucchini spaghetti and buckwheat for lunch with some raw living bread, a raw power bar later.  Then when I got back home, I just had 2 slices of Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Cinnamon Raisin Toast with organic vegan butter and one of the homemade Lentil Sunshine Burgers I made with some organic Lundburg Short Grain Brown rice.

Let me just say that Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice is THE BEST! (Whole Foods sells it.)  Oh, yeah, it is So SO much better than long grain brown rice.  

So, it was a good day!  I felt good.  I had a good day.  And what's so awesome is that I didn't "think" I was doing good.

This is a SERIOUS lesson.

Small changes DO make a big difference, even when EVERYTHING we're doing is not good, it is still good enough to produce a positive effect.  What an amazing lesson to learn!  This is such an "abe" lesson.  Abe says constantly, "All is well!"  I need to really let that sink in.  Even when things are not going perfectly, still, ALL IS WELL.  When we move in the direction of just feeling better, we produce significant momentum and motion forward...from just a SMALL CHANGE!  
And you know what?  When you realize you feel better, despite not doing "perfectly," it empowers you so much because you realize you don't NEED to be perfect to make changes.  And you actually begin to grow in real confidence!

I'm excited to see how I feel tomorrow because I had a higher percentage of raw food today, something that I wanted to do, but hadn't been succeeding at yet!

Baby Steps, baby steps, baby steps!

xoxo michelle joy