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Howdy Doody,

We went for raw lunch today to Raw Can Roll Cafe' in Douglasville, PA! WOW! Holy Shlamoley, that was seriously THE most delicious raw meal i have had in FOREVER!

I got the Meditteranean plate with hummus, tabouli, salad with tahini vinaigrette, some flax crackers, and jicama potato salad. Kawabunga! Cliff got the hummus sandwhich. He missed the real "bread." We shared the guacamole appetizer which came gorgeous and with the crunchiest spicy corn chips ever, unreal, and I had a peice of the mango cashew cheezecake for dessert. Can you say frickin' fabu? And STUFFED! Big portions...and such unreal reasonable prices, i couldn't believe it.

Have you been there? GO THERE. NOW!!!

_ _ _

I worked 4 days in a row at Arnold's Way Raw Vegetarian Organic Cafe', where i've been working for about 4 years now. My doggies were KILLING me on my feet for 9 hours a day in a ROW, but it was a great 4 days.

We had some people in from Boston who said, "We've been around the country to raw food restaurants, and this was the BEST raw meal we've ever had!" Wow!

I'd made them the Burger Bundle (a raw burger wrapped in nori, inspired by how All The Way Live serves theirs), and the Toona Gorilla Wrap. I pride myself on my raw toona! Good enough to be world famous, i am telling you!

Very nice praise indeed! But after that meal today at sweet Sherryl Chavarria's place???? Raw Can Roll has us BEAT by MILES!! Beautiful, cozy, clean, modern, amazingly awesome food, inexpensive. Wowza.

_ _ _

I did pretty well with my food the last 4 days! No out of control behavior. Wowy kazowy!

I also have begun to concentrate on getting more greens in, drinking more green juices, taking green supplements like spirulina and vitamineral green, trying to get pumpkin seeds, and beets in, which were all suggested in such great comments by my amazing readers! THANK YOU!

I also just to happened to be gifted a free bottle of a natural supplement from dr. caffery's office (more later about him) with zinc and magnesium in it, so took that today, on the advice i need more zinc. I'm hoping all of these changes will help with the hair loss.

I should clarify, the hair is not coming out in "clumps," as i apparently said. I should have said it comes out in if i run my fingers through my hair??? uy. Lots of hair between my fingers, each time. Probably NOT a thyroid problem.

_ _ _

Susan and Mark Aman were in last night to Arnold's Way.

They are doing AMAZING on their mostly raw diet supplemented by natural supplements, and the daily sardines/quinoa breakfast prescribed by their holistic dr.

The rest of the day, Susan and Mark eat raw salads and fruit snacks.

The dr. (dr. caffery ) tests their blood monthly to see how they are doing. Caffery said to Mark, "You are both coming along marvelously. You continue to improve. And your hormones, Mark, are the most balanced of any male patients i have, it is astounding." Mark is feeling TREMENDOUS and he and Susan are elated to have found this holistic medical dr they have been seeing for more than half a year.

Caffery advised them, however, that their iron numbers are low. He asked them how they feel about supplementing their diet with a steak every so often. Susan loves meat (as i do), but Mark has not had meat in 25 years. He is open to the idea, however, BECAUSE he has seen what POSITIVE results he is getting by following Caffery's other recommendations.

If our aim is to feel good and be healthy, then why judge the route they are taking?

_ _ _

When Cliff and I were following Anna Inez's diet - fruit smoothies for breakfast, gluten free starches and salad for lunch, fish and salad for dinner, my urine tested DARK GREEN and BLUE on the PH Test Strips we keep in the bathroom.

However, in eating just 'regular gourmet' urine tested barely green this morning, really the strip stayed YELLOW.

I was MORE alkeline eating fish and quinoa than i am eating cashews (acidic). And my hair wasn't falling out then.

Discouraging. Interesting.

The reason I gave up the Anna Inez way was because i kept binge eating on leftover fish and quinoa and leftover gluten free pasta.

If i could only have some self control.

_ _ _

Man, o, manoshewitz, i love meat. I bet a nice steak would stop this hair loss! The ONLY reason i stopped eating meat was because i could eat an ENTIRE BRISKET myself! Maybe i'm barking up the wrong tree with this raw, i don't know.

Nevertheless, i stick with it because I think there is quite a lot of merit to it, but like Susan and Mark, it is apparent my diet needs modification.

_ _ _

A dear customer, Claire K. was in to Arnold's the other day, and we had such an amazing conversation. Claire, who has been extremely ill her whole life, had heavy metal poisoning, but never knew it until her blood was tested recently and her holistic practitioner said her heavy metal numbers were through the roof.

He suggested she try Matt Monarch's Adya Clarity (click here for info: ,
Claire is having great success using the product, seeing her heavy metal numbers go down and feeling so much better. "It is as if there were two parts of my body, the left and the right, and they were at war, and now, they're one."

The one drawback to taking the Adya Clarity, she says, is that as soon as she takes it, it completely knocks her out and she needs to lie down.

Hm. The Vitamineral Green i've recently begun taking, is doing the same thing!!!

AFter I take it, i feel ZONKED and need a NAP!! I'm following the dosage recommendation to start with a teaspoon, but that is strong stuff! At work on Friday, i felt AWFUL most of the day from taking it in the morning.

But i'm sincerely hoping it will add some minerals to my obviously mineral-poor raw diet. When i read the bottle, it seem to state it is high in minerals.

Click here for info:

This morning I took it, and zonk, 20 mins later, i went out like a light until almost 10a.m., and then felt in a sleepy-fog through most of the day. It was only until after 3pm that i began to feel TREMENDOUS! Happy! Depression lifted! Positive! Energetic! Motivated!

WOW! Maybe it's working??

What an interesting raw journey!!

xoxo michelle joy


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