Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hi Folks,

I feel a new energy, a new love, a new wonderful something growing in me. I had two full days of raw and working at Arnold's Way. I have the curious feeling that what i've been looking for has been right under my nose all along. Megan is my daily confidant, my daily encouraging buddy. She listens. She encourages. I've started a new relationship with God again, too.

Here are some spiritual insights and eating insights i have been having:

  • Self control is a gift of the Spirit - I prayed and desired it, and it came, miraculously. It's amazing! It's not the FOOD that gives us self control, it's the Spirit!
  • Raw food can seriously help with self control, but self control doesn't come from it. Self control comes from love, belief, faith, connection to a higher power.
  • Out of control eating can be stopped by recognizing it and asking the Spirit for help. God provides amazingly when I let Him! Such wonderful timing He has, it has amazed me the last two days and I have been filled with gratitude!
  • My attitude and the openness of my heart have everything to do with how well I do with food or don't!
  • Raw food is energizing! It feels wonderful to feel energized!
  • (On a good day when the Spirit is in control) Cooked vegan food is also fabulous and energizing in it's own way. It's a choice I make. I can choose to enjoy it with the right attitude!
  • Raw food is always there for me to go light, clean out, feel renewed and open the channels for the Spirit! I can trust God to lead me!
  • I feel my ENERGY moving and it feels so much better than walking around like a dead huge zombie in pain when i binge eat and turn from God. The channels are closed to energy, to Spirit, to life....
  • Walking with the Spirit and paying attention to the world and my friends and loved ones and myself, not being "caught up" in my emotions or internal drama or reactions, but detatching from that and letting it go (putting it all in God's hands) and switching my focus OUT while gently watching and observing myself and such a much better way to live.
  • When I am not self focused and self absorbed like i usually am, I can respond to my and other's pains, needs, wants, true desires.
  • The meditation exercise I practice works when i work it!!! I learned it at The Foundation of Human Understanding: . Paying attention and observing myself and others has NO JUDGEMENT in it. Only LOVE. It is the ONLY way!
  • Staying close to God and choosing raw are like any new practices - they need support to thrive, they need attention and focus and constant encouragement!

xoxo michelle joy

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max said...

yay mjoy! such a lovely post. sending you a big hug beautiful lady :)