Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hello, there!

Just got back from a walk of almost 3,000 steps!  My muscles are twitching, I'm sweating, and I feel that old excitement for walking!  It feels like the good old days again, walking my tush off and blogging about it here.

I have made a vitally important realization - I don't have to be 100% raw to be walking again (as I had irrationally feared.)  And I don't need to be 100% raw to stop binge eating.

It's been almost 3 weeks, and binge eating has vanished.

About 3 weeks ago, I started Paul McKenna's Hypnosis program, "I Can Make You Thin."
I admit it, the name, "I Can Make You Thin," made me take notice, but it didn't strike me that the program would really WORK.  The kitchy-goofy name doesn't invite one to take the program too seriously, all be it an attractive promise for the end of obesity, it also seems like just your average marketing ploy to buy.  But I am here to say, as one with YEARS of personal experience in Binge Eating Disorder treatment, this program is a real, true, honest to goodness Food Addiction Recovery Program, bar none.

I've been to hospitals.  I've been on every diet.  I was raw.  I was a fruitarian!  Nothing worked.  I couldn't stop bingeing.

Something very wise in me KNEW that I needed a more balanced approach.  Call me a raw phony or a raw failure.  I really don't care.  

When nothing else works, McKenna says, "If you are the kind of person who feels absolutely HOPELESS,  and you've tried EVERYTHING with no success, this is the program for you."

It's true.

It's true.

It's true!

I am doing SO well, when I didn't think I would or COULD again.

But this is in a NEW way.

I'm controlling myself!


I'm RIGHT where I want to and NEED to be today.

I needed this PERMISSION to be imperfect, and still be GREAT!

Any kind of DIET, be it Jenny Craig or Holier Than Thou 100% Raw Vegan, set me up for failure.

Right now, I am feeling SO amazingly because I am experiencing a freedom and a peace with food that I didn't know, but I always hoped, was possible.

I can take this kind of freedom anywhere.  I can apply it to ANY kind of food.  I get to make the choices when I'm in control.  I can be Raw if I want to again, or I don't have to be.  Food is not in control of me.  I'm in control of food.  

My co-worker commented, "You seem....GOOD, Michelle, and your energy is great....and you look great!  What are you DOING?!!"  She was SO happy to hear about the hypnosis.  "I am SO HAPPY for you!," she exclaimed.

It's not how many times you fall down, it's how many times you pick yourself back up......

Cliff notices.  He can leave me alone now and I don't eat everything in sight.  He also says I eat small "normal" portions now, and that I have slowed way down.  Used to me scarfing down my food faster than a speeding bullet, sometimes he's done eating before ME now!  He also says I look better, too.  ("Are you sure?," I winced.  "Yes. A lot better," he emphasized.)

I can see it, too.  Small changes weekly.  My face looks a little thinner, my pants a little looser.  I've lost weight by not caring about my weight anymore.  I accept myself as I am today.  I am not a number.  I am not a diet.  I am more than that.  

Bestest of all, I'm in control of my eating.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy.  I don't ever want to lose this feeling!

The program is unbelievably easy.  I listen to one of the various CDs or DVDs from the Deluxe set of the program that I ordered from the McKenna website.  I write in the Success Tracker Journal every night, and I wear a pedometer.

These are about the only efforts I have to make:
  1. Click PLAY on the DVD or CD player daily.
  2. Write in Success Tracker journal nightly.
  3. Wear a pedometer.  Walk more.  
The rest just....kinda happens, naturally.


Listening to McKenna daily, I am reprogramming my mind for success, reprogramming my mind to be in control with food without dieting, to not experience cravings, to want to move, to feel happy and empowered and motivated, to feel happy and at peace with my body, to accept myself where I'm at today with my weight and my life, to feel hopeful with a strong vision for the future, handle emotions effectively, without compulsive eating.

As long as I listen daily, it just....HAPPENS.

(Actually, I missed two days, and it still happens.)

Because of his program, I have self control with food, I don't eat compulsively when I cook or work, I eat small portions of what I want, I eat slowly, I have a snack without it flying out of control, I no longer overeat at meals or emotionally eat in my car or binge eat for days and weeks on end, I eat binge foods even but don't binge, I'm conscious and aware when I eat instead of off in la-la-land in my head obsessing about food, and I'm incredibly CALM around food now.

If I didn't weigh over 300 lbs, you would think I was normal. 

Effortless fundamental changes in my relationship with food...

Drastic changes in how I feel about myself and in how I am coping with life (by not eating)....

All by pressing PLAY and LISTENING...passively.

The wisdom in the hypnosis sessions, the wisdom of the entire program, and how very comprehensive it is still amaze me 3 weeks in.

I wrote to a friend, "I feel like I am being cradled in God's arms daily by doing this program." 

I know what to do if I run into trouble now.  I use the TOOLS offered.  Surprise, surprise, they work.

I've done the tapping TFT technique to squelch cravings.  Shockingly EFFECTIVE.

YEARS of therapy couldn't stop binge eating, but a few taps, some eyeball swirls, and humming "Jingle bells" CAN?

"YES, Virginia, there really IS a Santa Claus.  And his name is Paul McKenna!"

Here is a youtube of the "Man" demonstrating the TFT technique.



Next time you are experiencing a craving, try it.  I dare you:


There are emergency DVDs and CDs to turn to in times of struggle - I've used them all - and an emergency telephone number to call a recording of McKenna, should I feel a binge coming on.

In a soothing voice, I hear the handsome Brit coo in my ear, "Take a deep breath, feel yourself relaxing and calming down....."

And I do...

Soon, I'm floating into the best highest place of myself and any thought of eating has just flown the coop.

In just a few minutes, I'm back on track.

And I don't have to say, "Send me a bill."  At under $200, this program is a BARGAIN.

To top it all off, the Success Tracker Journal, which could have been entirely BOGUS, is so NOT.

Aside from being a place to note my daily successes and observations, McKenna's Success Tracker Journal offers daily guidance in a daily lesson.  Always VERY insightful and helpful and delightfully encouraging, nudging us ever onwards towards success.

I really feel like I'm getting support from every possible angle on this program.

I am so grateful to Paul McKenna, and to Dr. Oz for having McKenna on his show.

Though he is relatively unknown here in the U.S., Paul McKenna is really very wellknown in the U.K., and one of the worlds most successful authors of self help books.  He has hosted self improvement television shows in the U.K., and is considered a world wide authority on hypnosis, medititation, neuro-linguistic programming, weight loss and motivation.

This was really the kind of support I needed but didn't have when I left the Better Living Lifestyle Center.  That was a GREAT program, but when I fell down and went boom...a month after leaving there, I felt like a ship without an anchor.  Yes, I had God and the Bible, but no CDs or DVDs to play to return me to the mindset, the security and motivation I received at the Center.  I had no journal with daily lessons to keep me making progress forward.  Nothing to guide me, now that I was on my own.  I was scared to call the Dr because I felt like such a royal failure, since the last time we spoke, he said I was sabotaging myself.  I'm sorry.  I didn't know how NOT to.  Falling off of those blessed 2 meals a day, my world basically....collapsed.  When you put all of your eggs into one basket and then they fall and all crack, what do you do then?

Praying to God for help, I think I was directed to McKenna.

I had to find out the hard way that 2 meals a day is not the KEY to stopping binge eating.

It IS a highly effective external diet control and a VERY HEALTHY and EXCELLENT way to live, and an EXCELLENT aid to digestion and weight loss, but it is NOT the SOLUTION to binge eating.

It was a $4,000 lesson, but an important one.  I needed to get knocked down the last time before I was ready for the answer.

What IS the solution to end binge eating????

In 4 simple steps, it is:
Not NEW or REVOLUTIONARY information.

But it's how naturally THIN people live and it is the answer in a nutshell.

It is also the approach of Geneen Roth, of "Overcoming Overeating," by Hirschman and Munter, of "Weigh Down Workshop" with Gwen Shamblin, and of most Eating Disorder therapists and hopitals.

There is SOMETHING ROCK HARD RIGHT, however, about the way McKenna just TOTALLY nails it like NONE of these other programs ever did.

With Weigh Down, I was scared to death to eat one bite too much, lest I go to hell.  And by the way, the Remnant Church is a cult.  Don't get messed up with them.

With Overcoming Overeating, all I did was BINGE all day on potato chips and cookies.  And with Geneen Roth, the same kind of thing happened.  It was so much about legalizing "pleasure food," I couldn't understand why I felt so bad when I was supposed to be feeling so good.  I could never make any progress.

The BLLC was GREAT, but I didn't have another $4,000 to spend to go back for a refresher course.  If I can't do it on my own, it ain't gonna happen.

Perhaps it is something about NOW, being ready for it, with my background in raw, my adherance to a mostly Vegan diet, my willingness to completely give up dieting for good, and McKenna's amazingly effective teachings, I feel confident that I now have the makings of a sure-fire hit plan for success.

It will take time.....,yes.  But I'm incredibly HOPEFUL.

It's a 90 day program, so you'll be hearing alot about it.

70-some days left!  I'll keep in touch and let you know how I'm doing.  More details on the nitty gritty coming this week!

Blessings and keep in touch!
xoxo michelle joy


Compulsive eating said...

Very good post, to prevent overeating and weight gain, we first have to understand what drives us to eat. One should have small meals at regular intervals.

Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

Just found your site!


Great post. Thanks for sharing. I am just about to start on 90 day success journal. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

this morning is my first on the "plan" the freedom of control is amazing. in Ireland a popular breafast is sausage rolls which taste gorge but are very very high in fat. went and got one and only ate 2/3's........really enjoyed it and now im starting to feel hungry so once ive had a glass of water i may reach for chocolate and thats all ok!!!!!! so in love with this xx

'Pure Raw Joy'! HELLO TO ALL! said...

Oh, dear, I didn't realize I had so many comments here! Anonymous and Alexandra Willers, i'd love to support you in your journey! Email me at:

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