Thursday, October 18, 2012


HI Folks!

I weighed in this morning and was pleased to find I lost 19 lbs in 6 days....and that's with eating SALT on my dinners!!!

get this - my hair stopped falling out!!!  I am incredulous!  For 4 months before I came here, Cliff and I ate vegetarian at home, and every time (I mean EVERY TIME) I'd run my fingers through my hair, there would be like 10 hairs left in between my fingers.  If I did this 10x, I'd get 10 hairs each time.  This was FREAKING ME OUT SERIOUSLY.  

It has STOPPED.  

Praise the Lord!!!  Something is seriously WORKING!!!

An example of an early breakfast in the program.  A lovely fruit platter with a yummy smoothie.  This smoothie was pear, banana, strawberry, i believe, decorated so lovingly with a carob puddle on top and a gorgeous frozen blackberry!  The Dr. always so artistically gifts me fresh herbs on and in my smoothies and meals which i happily devour.  Num num!!  By the way, who woulda thunk it, but thyme tastes DIVINE with fruit as does lavender!

Soon after this breakfast, I began to receive nuts along with my fruit.  Perhaps all of the protein is helping my hair?  And eating so slowly, at least 30-40 bites per mouthful, it takes me a while to eat, but perhaps I am finally ABSORBING nutrition.  Also, by only eating 2 meals a day, what I eat, really gets to DIGEST.  I'm jazzed!

Another gorgeous smoothie with mint leaves on top.  I tear up the leaves and add them to the smoothie for a burst of herbal yumminess with every spoonful!  P.S. The Dr. gives me pears alot in my smoothies as they are diuretics.  Mmm...making me hungry!!

A luscious dinner of low fat avocado guacamole on lettuce scoopers.  How did they get the guacamole low fat?  There's tons of asparagus pulverized in with the avocado!!!  So yummy!  The tomatoes were such a flavor complement.  MMM, I remember savoring this one!!!  And yummy walnuts, too!  And chia seeds on top!!!      
I'll be here for another 2 weeks and a day!  I'm glad I get to catch up with you when I can!  I borrow the Dr.s computer!!  Check the center out on facebook.


xoxo michelle joy

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zen thyroid said...

So great to read your updates! The food looks beautiful and I am happy for you about your hair and weight loss. I'm definitely going to pick up some herbs tomorrow and try them on new fruit. Yum! Big hug to you sister :)